Feel Lonely in my Relationship: Overcoming Loneliness with Love Doll

I don’t care enough about him. He shows me nothing, it’s as if I did not exist. She could be called Florence, Malika or Josiane, this woman “badly in her relationship”. She could be 20, 30 or 60 years old, being a stay-at-home mom, engineer, movie star or handler. She is a lot of women, she wades, she waits and above all she suffers. Spontaneously, shouting or silently, she accuses her companion of being responsible for the situation. In reality, she is the only one able to get out of this sensation, which may have been her home for a long time… You can buy the love doll from Lovedollpalace that looks like a celebrity with you on your bed.


To avoid being overwhelmed by this feeling, it is essential to understand it. And first of all to understand that the couple has often only reactivated a much deeper suffering…

Have I already felt alone?

Often, the answer is “yes”. We deduce that we have the chic to fall on men who think only of them. What if the man in question and the men in general had nothing to do with the case? And if we refused to see that it was to ourselves that the pans were attached and that we lugged them relations?

Especially since this feeling of loneliness often has an air of déjà-vu, and not only in love: the one who feels it has already experienced it as a family, with colleagues and even with friends. Sometimes it lasts only a “bad moment”, sometimes the bad moment takes on airs of eternity, and the blues overwhelm it.

“The feeling of loneliness is not born suddenly in adulthood, explains Flore Delapalme. Sometimes he is latent, always a little there. Sometimes it is well buried and reactivated suddenly by an event that upsets our landmarks, by a meeting or the attitude of a man who escapes us. ”

Which part of me feels lonely?

In any case, it is further that we must look for its origin, further than in a phone that does not ring often enough, words of love too rare or evidence of affection too discreet… “We are multifaceted, made up of ourselves at different ages, a bit like a Russian doll. The first step is to understand who is speaking in the phrase “I feel lonely”. It may be you, an infant frightened by the black, you, dumb child in front of a desk, you, teenager annihilated by a sorrow of love… By a therapeutic work or by concentrating on the emotion, by welcoming it, one can close his eyes and imagine his voice, his face, to connect it to a moment of his life or to one of our facets. ”

What makes me feel alone? 

If you have managed to understand who in you feels lonely, the “robot portrait” of your loneliness will be easier to draw. Because if the expression “to feel alone” spontaneously comes to the mouth of many of us, it encompasses very different realities for everyone. To become familiar with this feeling is to dissect it, to know what it really means: “Do I feel lonely because not understood? Not supported? Not taken into account? Not wanted? By extension, you can then put a word on fear and the underlying need: need to be comforted? Reassured? Afraid to be abandoned? To no longer be “the favorite”? Just visit us and buy the best looking sex doll from the list and place your order today and get rid of the loneliness.

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