Why You Should Choose TPE Sex Dolls

tpe sex dolls

Choosing a sex dolls might be easy, it’s the idea of whether they want one or not. However, there are two different types of sex dolls out there, one of them TPE, the other one silicone. Now, these might end up making one feel confused, and when choosing a real sex dolls, it can be quite hard to determine which one would best fit the experience you’re looking for. Well, there are some great points to TPE sex dolls that you can explore, and you’ll find out below a few things about them that might sway your purchase in terms of one over the other.


The biggest difference between silicone and TPE is not just the way that they feel, but the price of them as well. If you look at the price of sex dolls, you’ll immediately notice that silicone is much higher in price than the latter. If you’re a bit worried about maybe putting down money for this, often a TPE sex doll can be the right fit for you.

These are pricey, but often, for those that are looking for a great experience with a sex doll, this can be the way to go. Typically, these can run about 1500-2000 dollars, with the silicone option being at least 100% more than the latter.

Now, there is the consideration of quality, however, buying from Redroomdolls will guarantee that the quality is definitely at the highest point. The biggest concern with TPE sex dolls is the quality of them, but, if you do your research and choose one from there, you’ll certainly get something worth your money.

This is also great if you’re on the fence about getting silicone but want to see what it feels like with another sex doll option, and you don’t want to go with the blowup option. Some might enjoy the blowup option, but due to the limitations of them, especially since you have to buy extra additions for the best experience, you’ll certainly want to look at the option of TPE in terms of sex dolls, for they can not only feel great, but they often are worth every single penny.

Realistic Feeling

The thing with TPE skin is that it’s come a very long way. In the beginning, sex dolls didn’t feel nearly as realistic. Sure, they did look like women, but often, they didn’t feel like one. They didn’t have soft skin, which can make those that are looking for something to grab onto a bit disappointed.

However, the cool thing about TPE is how realistic it feels. TPE skin is soft, and it is squishy. While some areas might be a bit weird in terms of squish, such as the head, there are other areas where this really helps. For example, the breasts are often much squishier and softer, giving a realistic feeling. Not only that, they often have movement to their breasts, which is something that many men love. Breasts that move is definitely a major plus point to a TPE sex dolls, whereas with silicone, they are much firmer in the way that they sit.

It also does transfer down to the area below the waist as well. With TPE skin, it often makes the vaginal area a bit softer and fluffier. For men that like a woman with a bigger labia and vulva, this is often something that they end up looking it. it definitely feels realistic inside of her too, so it does have a heightened sense of realism to them.

Now some might worry about quality with this as well. However, getting from Redroomdolls allows the person using it to feel the nature of the doll, feeling the heightened sense of softness as well, which is often a major factor that is a benefit to many people that are looking to invest in this.

Plus, for those that are into girls who have a bit of fluff, TPE skin gives you that. it’s squishier, so if you’re looking for something to hold onto, this is a way to achieve it. The skin is a lot squishier, so you’ll be able to grab the doll similar to how one would grab the love handles. This is often a major point that many people that choose TPE benefit from, and it often is definitely the reason why they would go with TPE over the latter.

When you do buy one however, the biggest thing to remember is that the entire skin is TPE, not just the body, but also the feet, hands, and head. It feels realistic, and it often does look so much more realistic than other dolls. However, a squishy head might worry some people, but if that isn’t a concern for you, then by all means, go with a TPE sex dolls if that’s what you feel is right for you.

More Positions!

For many men, they use a sex dolls in order to act out a fantasy, something that they have wanted to do for a long time. sometimes a human partner can’t do it for whatever reason, such as maybe impotence and the like, other times, it’s just nearly impossible to throw your entire foot all the way back, holding it there as a man pounds into the woman. For some of these positions, especially in terms of karma sutra if a man wants to indulge in that, it can be almost nightmarish trying to get into them. This often can put a deter on sexual plans, and sometimes, a man wants to try out different positions to enjoy.

With a TPE sex dolls, you get that flexibility. With this, you’ll be able to throw the doll’s leg back, hold it there right up against the body, and go to work on them. There are some positions with TPE that you might not have imagined actually being able to do, for you’re able to fully explore the realms of sexuality that are associated with this. It is quite amazing, almost magical in a sense, and often that is the big reason why some men choose TPE over the latter, since if they’re using it for fantasies, they often are definitely great for that.

Not only that, it also has an edge over silicone in terms of what you’re feeling. With silicone, the positions that are actually able to be done are much more limited. For example, if you see the way the doll’s legs are spread with silicone, they only go about halfway, which is the average length that a woman might be able to go. If you’re looking to elongate and extend this, getting TPE instead of silicone allows you to indulge in this much more. now, it’s pretty cool, and if you’re the type that does have a lot of consideration about how flexible the doll is, this is definitely the way to do so.

With positions, acting them but and indulging in this fantasy can be quite hard. For many men, they want to, but they don’t know how to. With TPE, you’ll be able to get much further, indulge in way more fun, and it’s also much more realistic as well. Plus, with the extra room for grabbing, you’ll have more cushion for pushing, and it definitely is pretty nice.

As another note as well, when you touch a TPE sex doll’s butt, you’ll notice that it is much softer and squishier. This is a key point for many men when they are looking to choose a sex doll. Some of them love to have that realistic and jiggling butt, and with a TPE sex dolls, they get a chance to indulge in that, which is often a very cool and very interesting point, which is definitely a huge deciding factor for some people.

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Better for Bigger

Now, one thing that many don’t often talk about is the size of a man in comparison to the sex dolls of choice. For some men, they are often well-endowed, and this can be a deciding factor in many sex dolls that are purchased, especially when it comes to the battle of TPE versus silicone.

For men that are bigger, TPE is the way to go. For starters, it actually allows for way more breathing room, since the skin is squishy and soft. With silicone, it can often clutch the penis and make it feel really tight. While the tightness might be something that is welcomed, it can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable for a man that is well-endowed, which is why some people might go for the TPE version.

The TPE Sex Dolls, since it has a bit more room to stretch, can accommodate for a penis that is not only longer, but also has more girth to it as well. That is often the big part of a sex doll when choosing one: how far can you get it in. Men enjoy the feeling of a tight vagina, but sometimes, when choosing one doll over the other, it can often be a bit hard for those that are bigger to find one where it won’t go over the threshold of discomfort. However, going TPE allows a man to truly benefit from the use of their sex doll, and it can make a world of a difference in many men when they are trying to get the most out of their sex doll experience.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be this way. If you are thinking of going silicone and don’t want to go TPE Sex Dolls, the best thing to do is to look at the sex doll model, start to see just how wide the orifice is, and from there, choose one that best fits you. you can also contact the seller to also help you when it comes to choosing a sex dolls. However, you should try to get one that encourages more comfort for yourself.

With TPE Sex Dolls, it also isn’t just the vagina that feels a lot better in some cases. For many men, they want to indulge in the anal pleasures that are there as well. Usually all of the dolls come with an anal orifice, and the TPE ones are no exception. With a TPE sex dolls, you can get the anal experience that you wait, while also being able to fit all the way into there. The realistic feeling allows for a much more enjoyable experience for many, and it can often be a great expenditure for those that are looking to go into having a sex doll.

When you are choosing a sex doll, at the end of the day, it is up to what you want to have. Do you want one that has softer skin for you to grab onto? One that has more flexibility that will definitely accommodate your fantasies? Are you more well-endowed down there to the point where you might need a little bit of extra room? If you can answer yes to any of those thing, you should consider trying out a TPE sex dolls. They feel great, they look great, and you’ll be able to have many options as well. TPE sex dolls come with many different variants in terms of head, how the body feels, and also how they look as well. Ultimately, you can choose whichever one that you want, and you can have a great experience with the doll that you choose. Figure out which one you want, and which one best fits your needs, and from there, choose that one and see what you can get. Do pick out what you believe are the best options, including hair, face, eye color, and even body type based on what you want, and from there, you’re one step closer to having the sex doll of your dreams, and with the realistic TPE skin, it will feel even more amazing and much more magical each and every time you use them.

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